Translation of Advertising Texts

Do you have a requirement for professional translation of an advertising text? Look no further. We take care of planning and completion of your translation to your expectations. In our worldwide network we can arrange translations into over 60 languages. Advertising is decisive for every company. Don't hesitate; contact us for a consultation.

To ensure rapid and uncomplicated translation we need the following information:
  • Source and target language of the text to be translated
  • Delivery date
  • The text
  • Format of the text to be translated and the target text
Contact our staff if you have questions. We can adapt our quotation to your specific requirements. When it comes to effective, country-specific slogans or texts we are the professionals.

It may be hard to believe, but translating is an activity with requires great attention to detail. The translator must have good language skills and at the same time be a creative translator. If you work with figures of speech in your texts it would be a total error to translate these into the foreign language. Many witticisms ,figures of speech and catch-phrases are based on the ambiguity or similar sound of words. Literal transcription into the foreign language may elicit a weak smile from readers but the selling message is probably lost. You need a native speaker of the target language. They understand the advertising text and can reproduce particular turns of phrase correctly in the target language.

Before you plan a multi-lingual advertising project, give us a call and send us the advertising slogans and ideas. A professional translation can save costs and maintain your company's good name.

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