Our prices

Our prices depend on a number of factors. In order to be able to compile a quotation, we record the number of words your text contains. We multiply these with our calculated word price for the respective language.

  • As a general rule, the longer the text the lower the word price.

  • Not all of our specialist translators are local. We also work with many freelance translators worldwide. This enables us to offer favourable prices and competent specialist translators who translate into their own mother tongue. This is why there are different prices for different languages.

  • Generally, you will receive a fixed price quotation. For publications, contracts, Internet pages and texts which are to be published we offer the option of proofreading of the translation by a second specialist translator. This is not necessary if you only want to know what information the text contains.

  • The delivery time also has an influence on the price. Normally, a translator can complete approximately 2000 words a day. Time for proofreading and the inclusion of corrections must be added to this.

  • We do not offer to complete normal jobs in less than three working days. Work can sometimes be speeded up by paying an express supplement. Conversely, the price may be reduced if we are given more time for the translation.

  • For extremely small quantities of text, we work to a minimum price (€ 70 + VAT) instead of a price per word.

  • In order to be able to make a quotation for interpreting we need you to tell us the language combination, the date, the duration, the topic, the location (with postcode) and whether consecutive or simultaneous interpretation is required. Many interpreters make appointments many months in advance. This means that we cannot quote a price without knowing the date on which the interpreter will be required.


    You will find our General Terms and Conditions of Business here.

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