Do you require one or more interpreters? Then look no further! Interpreting is a service which is frequently needed in the business world. We provide you with competent, experienced interpreters whether they are needed for business meetings with customers, presentations or or sightseeing. Whether you require a consecutive interpreter for a works visit or several simultaneous interpreters for a congress with an international public, we are sure to have suitable staff available. In accordance with your wishes we offer you suitable interpreters close to your venue — and not only in Germany.

When selecting our interpreters we attach great importance to their training, experience and specialisation. Our interpreters are generally trained conference interpreters (for simultaneous translations) or sworn interpreters or have grown up bilingual. We thus guarantee high quality and the best possible oral translation from one language into the other.

A differentiation is made between:
  • Consecutive interpreters: This form is used for training courses, negotiations, meals, one-to-one meetings and guided tours. What is said is translated orally within the speaker's pauses. The interpreter only has to translate a few sentences at a time into the target language. Approximately three times as much time should be planned for events which are translated consecutively.
  • Simultaneous interpreters: this is the usual form for international conferences and congresses. The interpreters translate what is said almost simultaneously with the flow of words from the speaker. The interpreters are located in special cabins and the congress or conference participants listen to the translation on headphones. Two interpreters per language pair need to be deployed in order to avoid losing time and to maintain quality.

Giving Success a Helping Hand

Please send us all relevant documents (e.g. preparatory transcripts, reports and presentations) by post, fax or email as early as possible in all available languages to permit familiarisation with the specialist area and its terminology. In addition, the interpreter should receive all a copy of all documents and manuscripts which will be read out during the event by the day before the event at the latest.

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