Do you need a translation, a specialist translation or an interpreter?

We can give you an immediate quote if you send us an email enquiry with your documents attached.

Whether you are looking for a simultaneous interpreter or a translator, we have experienced and certified interpreters available nationwide. You can depend on our competence and reliability.

Do you want your translation to be ready for printing? Then you've come to the right place. We lay out and format translations in the initial format supplied so that they are almost identical with the original source text. The text is re-checked again for errors by our translators after laying out is finished. We then return your document ready to print.








Eden Griesbeck


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Our competent specialist translators translate your specialist texts to a professional standard. Since we place special emphasis on high quality, all translations are generally proof-read by a second independent translator. In this way we can guarantee our customers a high-quality translation.
Fast work, punctual delivery and translation quality are our benchmark.

Our staff pay attention to the following points for professional translating:

  • We need to know the source and target language, the text quantity (standard lines or words) or a current format.
  • The format of the source text and the desired format of the target text
  • Order and delivery dates

Our translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue. They not only possess perfect knowledge of the target language but also have experience in translating from the desired special topic or specialist area.

Our highly-qualified staff translate from German into more than 60 different languages and vice versa (from world languages into German) and from world languages such as English, French, Chinese, Russian or Spanish to less well-known languages. Our translators are often booked for various complex topic areas. We have specialist translators for every area in our team. We are often asked to use specific formats such as HTML, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Framemaker or less well-known software formats. Over the years we have gathered a great deal of experience with various different formats so that we can translate almost all of them easily and efficiently.



We translate

Annual financial statements, balances of accounts, patents, instruction manuals, operating instructions, manuals, press reports, press articles, product descriptions, data sheets, commercial register extracts, judgements, references and reports, non-marriage certificates, contracts, sales contracts, home pages, websites, Internet pages, specialist articles and texts, price lists, general terms and conditions, handbooks and brochures.


Interpreting terms

simultaneous, consecutive, interpreting technique, cabin, conference, convention, congress, meeting, conference interpreter.


Translating terms

Translations office, Translation agency, translation service





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